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The Independent Film Producer's Survival Guide


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Gunnar Erickson

Gunnar Erickson is a graduate of Stanford University and Yale Law School. He practiced over twenty years with Los Angeles entertainment law firms and presently runs the Erickson Law Firm in Malibu, California.  He has been active with the UCLA Entertainment Law Symposium and formerly taught Entertainment Law at Pepperdine Law School and has frequently spoken and written about entertainment matters.

Mark Halloran

Mark Halloran is a principal of Halloran Law Corporation. In his studio days, Mark was Vice President, Feature Business Affairs at Universal Pictures, and Business Affairs Counsel at Orion Pictures. In private law practice, Mark was a founding partner of Alexander, Halloran, Nau & Rose, and Erickson, Halloran & Small. Mark specializes in entertainment financing, production and distribution, and acts as an expert witness in film, television and music litigation. Mark is co-author of “The Musician’s Guide to Copyright” (Charles Scribner’s Sons) (with Gunnar Erickson and Ned Hearn), and the current “The Musicians Business and Legal Guide” (Jerome Headlands Press/Prentice-Hall). He is co-chair of the SC Institute on Entertainment Law and Business, and serves on the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Chamber Singers.

Harris Tulchin

Harris E. Tulchin is founder and Chairman of Harris Tulchin & Associates, Ltd., with affiliated offices worldwide. He is a graduate of Cornell University and Hastings Law School and has specialized in entertainment production, finance, and distribution, communications, and multimedia law since 1978. He has lectured extensively at forums such as UCLA, the American Film Institute, Independent Feature Project, The Sundance Producer’s Conference, the Cannes, Toronto, Los Angeles Independent, Hollywood, Venice, Edinburgh (Scotland) and numerous other Film Festivals and has published numerous articles on entertainment law. He has served as Senior Vice President of Business Affairs and General Counsel for Cinema Group; General Counsel and Head of Business Affairs for KCET Television; Senior Counsel for United Artists; Director of Business Affairs at MGM Television; and Counsel for American International Pictures and Filmways Pictures. In addition, Mr. Tulchin acts as an expert witness in entertainment litigation, is an American Film Marketing Association arbitrator, serves as a producer’s representative on scores of completed films, as well as film projects, and has served as Executive Producer of nine feature films, including the critically acclaimed “To Sleep With Anger”, distributed by Sony and Goldwyn, and “Guy”, financed and distributed by PolyGram.



harris tulchin About Harris Tulchin & Associates

Harris Tulchin & Associates is an international entertainment, multimedia & intellectual property law firm created to provide legal and business services for all phases of the development, financing, production and distribution of entertainment products and services and multimedia software on a timely and cost effective basis to its clients in the motion picture, television, music, multimedia and online industries.
Recent News
  • May 18 , 2007 - CANNES 2007 - PRESS RELEASE
    Tulchin Wraps Principal Photography on Chatham Starring Carradine, Dern, Torn, And Hemilgway;Sells Cinamavault Intl. Rights
  • May 18 , 2007 - CANNES 2007 - PRESS RELEASE
    Tulchin Wraps Principal Photography on Chatham Starring Carradine, Dern, Torn, And Hemilgway;Sells Cinamavault Intl. Rights