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Tulchin Entertainment is a motion picture, television and multi-media licensing and production company specializing in the coordination of global financing, development, packaging and production of an eclectic mix of properties.

The Company is pleased to announce the following films to its licensing library of rights to over 50 independently produced, completed features: Our most recent is EL CARTEL, Jules who is desperate to escape his struggling career, chases his once in a life time opportunity to by exploring Mexico's notorious drug cartel and JOE DICK, a quirky comedy that illustrates the adventures of a detective reality show loser who is paid good money to uncover who killed the show's successful producer, WELCOME TO PARADISE , an inspirational family story about a female preacher who becomes more like a fish out of water when she is sent from a big-city “mega” church to a small-town rural environment on a quest to spread the gospel and love to the people who need it most but want it the least; SHANGHAI RUMBA, a true love story based in 1940's Shanghai in which a lonely actor and actress attempt to connect in a city mired in political turmoil; ROOM 33, a horror set in the Pacific Northwest and featuring a stranded female roller derby team; the gripping film EXECUTION, about a Death Row case starring a real condemned man and a real prison warden; UNCONSCIOUS , a comic mystery thriller featuring a heavily-bandaged patient whom various groups identify as their missing person; LIEBESKIND, a powerful German film about a father-daughter reunion.

These new additions compliment the current roster of feature films, including LES SAIGNANTES, in which two femme fatales set out to change the destiny of the world, an official selection of the 2005 Toronto International Film Festival; LAST STAND , look horror in the eye; CARMA , a chilling tale of a haunted car; in the midst of a personal crisis; a war hero comes home to fight an unexpected battle in SHARDS ; the Academy Award nominated film and Venice Golden Lion winner THE BATTLE OF ALGIERS , a harsh look at war as an appalling event that harms and denigrates everyone who participates in it; GREEN LIGHTS , a real-life actors' comedy set in the town of Ithaca, New York; in the Slamdance film festival, meet the girl of your screams in the campy horror CHAINSAW SALLY ; MIXING KARMA , a heart-warming romantic comedy that proves that love conquers all cultural divides; laughter turns to tears in the gripping family story SECTION 8 – an official selection of the 2005 Motor City Film Festival; the gripping thriller 21 EYES , a stylish mystery crime caper; desperate situations call for desperate measures in the action police thriller TEN-13 ; the seductive crime thriller MASSAGE is filled with murder, mystery, and massage; and a young idealistic lawyer is caught up in the corrupt legal world of ambulance chasers when he encounters a young girl in a coma and discovers his true calling in WHIPLASH .

The exciting crime thriller WHITE KNUCKLES is intensified with gripping twists and turns; a woman discovers her husband brutally murdered and $18 million from a drug deal missing in DUPLICITY ; in the hysterical medical comedy HULA GODS a hard-working intern plots to become Chief Resident with the help of his mischievous friend; SENSITIVE NEW AGE KILLER is an edgy dark comedy that throws you head first into a flurry of gunfire, black comedy and outrageous sex; EVEN TRADE is a slick urban mob thriller filled with murder, greed, power, and betrayal on the raw streets of Chicago. The film has an incredible hip-hop soundtrack.

Also represented are the genre busting detective/serial killer film BLIND ; the erotic horror/thriller NIGHT CREEP ; the baseball documentary A PLAYER TO BE NAMED LATER about 4 minor league prospects' rise to the majors;

Additionally, FABLED is the psychological thriller about one man's loosening grip on reality; DARK TOMORROW is a “Memento”-ish psychological action thriller; VIDEO X / MURDER IN THE HEARTLAND , the “reality-thriller” that is “Bonnie & Clyde” meets “Blair Witch;” THE M.O. of M.I., “The Modus Operandi of Male Intimacy” features a double-cross, blackmail and murder when handsome hustler Jonathan interrupts happy couple Michael and Tom's lives ; HUNTING HUMANS, an action-packed mind-bender in the vein of “American Psycho” and “Copy Cat,” takes you into the mind of a serial killer who's a respectable businessman by day; the extreme action-thriller vampire movie REIGN IN DARKNESS, in which the world's fate is put into one man's hand; and the sci-fi family adventure BETAVILLE .

Among the Company's produced properties are Charles Burnett's award winning TO SLEEP WITH ANGER starring Danny Glover, MONA MUST DIE starring Marianne Sagebrecht, COGNAC starring Catherine Hicks and Rick Rossovich, GUY starring Vincent D'Onofrio and directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg, THE MOUSE starring John Savage, CHICKS, MAN starring Renée Humphrey, and TAKE A NUMBER directed by Fritzi Horstman, an official selection of the Slamdance Film Festival and currently airing on HBO. The Company in association with Vision Arts and Northern Arts Entertainment commenced principal photography on a documentary about independent filmmaking tentatively entitled Palme d 'Or , centered amidst the 50th a nniversary of the Cannes Film Festival with two time Academy Award winning “Wild Man Blues” and “ Harland County U.S.A. ” director Barbara Kopple at the helm. The film is currently in post-production. The Company generally acts in a producorial/executive producorial capacity or in a sales agency/ producer's representative capacity depending upon the needs of the project, clients and/or partners.

Vincent D'Onofrio (“Men In Black,” “The Cell,” “The Player,” “Full Metal Jacket,” “JFK”) joins rising star Hope Davis (“The Daytrippers,” “The Myth Of Fingerprints”) and award winning director Michael Lindsay-Hogg as he probes the power and influence of the camera in GUY , written by Kirby Dick, a unique psycho-sexual vision with extraordinary break-out potential reminiscent of “Sex, Lies, And Videotape.” A PolyGram International Presentation, GUY was invited to the Venice Film Festival's Windows On Images Section, receiving a seven minute standing ovation and enjoyed a U.S. theatrical release through Gramercy Pictures and an international release through PolyGram.

The company completed production on the youth-oriented buddy comedy CHICKS, MAN , starring Sundance award-winning actress Renée Humphrey and a host of talented newcomers. THE MOUSE , a boxing comedy best described as “Rocky” in reverse, is director Dan Adams' hilarious, touching and triumphant new film. THE MOUSE recounts the true adventures of Bruce Strauss, boxings' all-time greatest loser. John Savage, Rip Torn, Angelica Torn and Burt Young star. THE MOUSE was invited to make its world theatrical premiere at the Mill Valley Film Festival and was released theatrically in the US in 10 cities through Strand Releasing, garnering universally positive reviews from top papers, including the New York Times , which proclaimed the film “a comedy that wears its heart on its sleeve”; TAKE A NUMBER , which recently debuted in prime time on HBO, is a sexy comedy that follows a woman's attempt to juggle the competing agendas of three visiting ex-boyfriends over a hectic long weekend.

Completed Films


Chasing after a once in a life time opportunity, Jules Land a naïve business journalist, approaches Mexico's most notorious drug cartel and requests an audience with its leader, Angel Santana, a one time priest turned murderous cutthroat. Even though his wife begs him not to go-reminding him of of her own turbulent past with her uncle and his cartel-Jules doesn't listen. He is desperate to turn his life around and without being reluctant, Jules ventures to Mexico where the unexpected begins.

Cast: Jose Luis Franco, Freddy Douglass ,

Mauricio Islas, Gustavo Sanchez

Writer: Brian Bagley

Director: Brian Bagley

Producer: Brian Bagley

Worldwide Rights Available



When detective reality show loser, Nick Night is paid good money to try to find who killed the show's successful producer, he teams up with the producer's gorgeous daughter and a fellow contestant to find out who killed him and why involved in this comedic romp! Throughout this hilarious slapstick journey, he's reminded of his shortcomings from his frank talking employer, butts heads the producer's personal uptight attorney and perpetually pesters the producer's chain smoking business partner. JOE DICK is fast, physical and often absurd as we follow our bumbling hero to the climax.

Worldwide Rights Available

Cast: Greg Lindsay, Nick Jameson, Johanna Botta

Writer: Grey Lindsay

Director: Greg Lindsay

Producer: Grey Lindsay



An inspirational family story of a preacher who is sent from a big city “mega” church to Paradise , a small, rural community that is in desperate need of direction. The fact that the preacher is a woman, DEBBIE, only complicates things. She not only finds a town that is stuck in complacency and out-dated tradition, but also turns its back on its most needy neighbors. Debbie begins building a new vision for her congregation and the veil of indifference starts to lift. When the Paradise Church is accidentally burned down, and it's charter is in danger of being revoked, the members rally around Debbie and in doing so, realize that a “church” is defined by it's community…not by the four walls that house a Sunday Service. Debbie's kindness and insight bring a blast of fresh air to this out of the way country town and also brings her a second chance at love.

Worldwide Rights Available

Cast: Brian Dennehy, Crystal Bernard

Writer: William Shockley

Director: Brent Huff

Producer: Pat Stack



A stirring film from the Shanghai Film Studio and acclaimed female director Xiaolian Peng, who has made six films in Shanghai since 1996. Based on a true love story, the film draws us into the 1930's Shanghai . Wanyu, a young woman whose life has been marked by turmoil and change, struggles to play the role of a good wife after marrying into a wealthy family, but cannot resist her true passion of being a film actress. This is set in a complex political and postcolonial time. It stars well-known Chinese actors, Yuan Quan as “Wanyu”, Xia Yu as “Ah Chuan” and Gao Xin as “Han Ting.”

Worldwide Rights Available



A horror thriller co-written, directed and produced by Eddie Barbini, Executive Producers Dan Kaplow , Mike Kolko and Ilan Lewinger, and Produced by Craig Piligian. A thriller that is a cross between “Cabin Fever” and “The Blair Witch Project.” It focuses on Roxy, found cowering in a long-abandoned mental hospital by a roller derby team. Starring a cast of hot, young, Hollywood actors Chad Collins, Dee Kevin, Nina Hauser, Austin Highsmith, Adam Keys, Ace Gibson, Kim Manning and Olivia Leigh.

Worldwide Rights Available



A gripping and daring film by filmmaker Steven Scaffidi of New Orleans . EXECUTION follows 2 filmmakers as they record the final seven days of a condemned man's life before he's executed in the electric chair. This compelling film stars a real life man who was on death row, William Neil. Warden Donald Cabana, a real life prison warden who supervised numerous executions playing parts that parallel their own real lives to the point that this film could easily be mistaken for a documentary. The filmmakers fight over the final shot, which was confiscated by the Warden. Ten years later the filmmakers get their footage back and continue to disagree on how the film should be exhibited.

Worldwide Rights Available



A thriller by Emmy award winning television director Brad Wigor ( "What Happened to Bobby Earl?”) A severely burned man is rushed to the hospital where he lies unconscious and completely bandaged. Throughout the city, four missing person reports have been filed that match the general description of the victim. Six different people visit the patient in the hospital, and each one claims him as their missing man. Who is this mystery man? Starring Jessica Almasy and Adam Lefevere (“The Manchurian Candidate.”)

Worldwide Rights Available



Directed by Jeanette Wagner , and Produced by Juri Wiesner. This is a haunting story about an unnatural relationship between a father and daughter. Alma was just a child when her father left the family and worked as a doctor in overseas conflict areas. She is seventeen when they meet again. In the beginning they try to connect and make up for past mistakes. However they soon realize that they cannot simply continue where they had left off. Will Alma and her father come to terms with this or accept it? The film stars German Thesps , Anna Fischer, Lutz Blochberger, Radik Golovkov and Viviane Bartsch.

Worldwide Rights Available



Official Selection of the 2005 Toronto International Film Festival

A gorgeously photographed, stylishly edited and tastefully scored film about two femmes fatales who set out to rid a futuristic country of its corrupt and sexually obsessed powerful men. In this revolutionary

sci-fi-action-horror hybrid, the director crafts the story of two attractive, chic and lethal women who use their beauty to win favor from powerful men in Cameroon , circa 2025. When their prized catch dies, it sets in motion a plot involving a severed head, a secret society of gorgeous women, and the fate of a struggling nation.

Worldwide Rights Available

Director: Jean-Pierre Bekolo (Quartier Mozart, Aristotle's Plot)



A US military base comes under attack by a deadly and unseen force on the eve of its decommissioning. A small group of soldiers and civilians are trapped and desperately struggle to find answers of their unknown enemy to stay alive. The Army is pulling out and the state is taking over the land against the wishes of the local Indian tribe. Who is attacking? And why? An ancient Indian legend may hold the clues necessary to survive the LAST STAND .

Worldwide Rights Available

Cast: William Michael

William Joseph Elk

Director: Lyle Holmes

Producer: Janet Jennings



Carma is the chilling tale about an abandoned car haunted by a psychopathic killer's dead mother (Ma). Trapped in the car, the spirit of the deceased Kate Burns encounters four average Americans who each discover and use the car for their own personal gain. But Kate has other plans, namely a reunion with her son, recently escaped convict Norm Burns.

Worldwide Rights Available

Cast: Karen Black (House Of 1000 Corpses, The Great Gatsby, Five Easy Pieces, Easy Rider)

Peter Kiszka

Director: Ray Arthur Wang



SHARDS – Emmy nominated filmmaker Rebecca Grace , brings us the shocking story of a young girl's experience of the realities of war. Fearless young ERIN must brave her father's hallucinations, nightmares, and manic paranoia when Post Traumatic Stress Disorder brings the terror home from the war on Iraq . ERIN 's tale is one of a true war hero, passionately portraying one American military family's struggle for normalcy and speaking for the many innocent victims left without a voice.

Worldwide Rights Available

Cast: Kelsi Werner

Robert Reagan

Beatrice Grace

Director: Rebecca Grace



The Academy Award nominated The Battle of Algiers is a film commissioned by the Algerian government that shows the Algerian revolution from both sides. The French foreign legion has left Vietnam in defeat and has something to prove. The Algerians are seeking independence. The two clash. The torture used by the French is contrasted with the Algerian's use of bombs in soda shops. The film takes a harsh look at war as an appalling event that harms and denigrates everyone who participates in it.

Nominated in the 1969 Academy Awards for Best Director, Best Writing, Story and Screenplay, and Best Foreign Language Film. Won BAFTA award in 1972. 1966 Venice Film Festival, nominated and won Golden Lion Award and FIPRESCI Prize.

Select International Rights Available

Cast: Brahim Haggiag

Jean Martin

Yacef Saadi

Director: Gillo Pontecorvo



GREEN LIGHTS is a charming, original movie that captures the true flavor of small-town America . It is the story of a man's longing to be loved and accepted, a tale of a small town's need for a hero, and a story with an uplifting ending that leaves the viewer feeling satisfied. GREEN LIGHTS provides a unique combination of hundreds of real people from the Ithaca, New York community playing themselves, and a core of professional Broadway actors thrown into real-life settings and situations, blurring the boundary between fiction and reality This hilarious, fast-paced comedy/drama is set against the backdrop of a small upstate New York town. When, upon arriving in Ithaca , ne'er-do-well location scout Bob Beeman is mistaken for a big-time movie producer and the town is suddenly transformed into a swirling stage. Bellhops begin tap dancing, children start singing, and Shakespeare is waiting around every corner. Everyone, it seems, wants to be in the movies. Snared by Alex and Jimmy, a luckless writer/composer team who hope to have their musical film produced, Beeman allows the myth to engulf him and turns the already quirky community upside down with his folie de grandeur . Clearly, he's headed for trouble. However, with his attempts to produce the musical film, Beeman begins to transform his own life, while buoying the hopes and dreams of the town that has adopted him.

Worldwide Rights Available

Cast: John FitzGibbon, Daniel Dresner, Shawn Randall, Joel Leffert , and Mimi Bensinger

Writer/Director/Producer Robert H. Lieberman ( Baby , Paradise Rezoned , and the up-coming novel/big-budget film One Small Voice )

Cinematographer: Slavomir Grunberg ( School Prayer , Legacy, Emmy Award-winning and Academy Award nominated Polish cinematographer).



A sexy, campy horror film - A sensual young woman, traumatized after witnessing the brutal murder of her parents as a young girl, grows up to be a serial killer, who gets her inspiration for murdering and lust for blood from horror films. This film is a hoot, filled with humor, hardware, blood, guts, and titillation.

Worldwide Rights Available

Cast: Gunnar Hansen ( Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

April Monique Burril (The Punk Rock Slasher Queen)

Mark Redfield (Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde)

Herschell Gordon Lewis (The Godfather of Gore)

Director: Jimmyo Burril



MIXING KARMA follows the journey of two friends from opposite sides of the world: Ryan, American and Raj, Indian. From childhood they are destined for different paths—Ryan for art and passion and Raj for business and money. However, they have one thing in common – overbearing fathers. The boys become fast friends and Ryan is welcomed into Raj's family, practically becoming a second son.

As Ryan struggles to find his voice as an artist, Raj is overwhelmed with the demands of his father to join the family business and forget his dream of becoming a pilot. Meanwhile, Raj's exotic sister is pressured by their traditional father to marry a "well-settled Indian boy," yet her heart belongs to Ryan and she is determined to marry for love. Conflicts arise when their father discovers his beloved daughter falling in love with the struggling artist, and Raj dating a Gori (white girl), which sets off a dramatic confrontation that leaves all relationships at risk.

Worldwide Rights Available

Director: Ken Oelerich



Official Selection of the 2005 Motor City Film Festival

NAACP Theater Award Nominee:

Best Production, Best Supporting Actor, Best Set Design

Proverbial skeletons are dragged from the closet when deadbeat dad and his college bound son are forced under the same roof of the father's shabby, low-income apartment. This screen adaptation of the hit play features a talented ensemble cast that delivers an engaging performance, beautifully translating laughter as well as intense drama onto the screen.

SECTION 8 is in the vein of Tyler Perry's Diary of a Mad Black Woman.  

Foreign and Domestic Television Rights Available

Director: Carl Gilliard



In the captivating film 21 EYES the viewer becomes the eyes of two detectives who never appear on camera as they unravel a mystery on a video screen, watching tapes from seventeen hidden cameras, which have captured a crime in progress. Three gunmen break into the home of gem dealer Seth Collison to steal the Sophia Diamond, a thirty-three carat stone valued at ten million dollars. Five minutes later the gunmen are dead. The case is closed before police find out about the hidden cameras. At eleven o'clock that night, the task of watching the tapes falls to secondary detectives Blu and Scotty. Through their eyes we discover what really went down.

All International Rights Available

Cast: Fisher Stevens (Anything Else, Short Circuit, Reversal of Fortune, Hackers)

Michael Buscemi (Happy Accidents, Animal Factory)

Rebecca Mader (The Last First Kiss, Mimic 3)

Nestor Serrano (The Day After Tomorrow, Runaway Jury, Showtime, Empire)

Director: Lee Bonner



Ten – 13 is the story of two New York City detectives, Mark Willis and Ray Costa, two friends whose love and support for each other becomes their Achilles heel. Ray confronts a dangerous situation with excessive force during a drug bust and is accused of police brutality. The New York City Mayor's Office wants to set an example by coming down hard on Ray to settle the unrest surrounding the recent public outcry. However, his strikingly good looks and charm finds a way to Internal Affairs Agent Tracy Kramer's heart, which thrusts their lives into precarious conflicts and grave complications. Meanwhile, Mark's life is plummeted into turmoil when he falls into financial ruins after a bad stock tip. Mark masterminds a scheme he hopes will free him from his massive debts and clear Ray at the same time. However, Mark must compromise his integrity and honor and convince Ray to do likewise, but things don't always go according to plans.

Worldwide Rights Available

Cast: Bill Sage (The Girl From Monday, Sin, American

Psycho, The Insider, Simple Men)

Shawn Elliott (Thirteen Conversations About One Thing, Do The Right Thing)

Lorraine Ferris (Natural Born Killers, I Shot Andy

Warhol, Sex In The City)

Director: Carl Stillitano (Comeback)

Producer: Robert Marder (Cop-Out)



MASSAGE is the story of a California cop, who is transferred to New York after the death of his wife and child. He soon finds himself in the middle of a serial killing case, someone is murdering girls in massage parlors. Immersed in a world of lipstick, scented oils, high heels and stockings, he falls under the spell of an alluring blonde masseuse and becomes entangled in the web of seduction, deception, and murder.

All Domestic Rights Available

Cast: Daniel Lerae (Universal Soldier, Platoon Leader – Featured model for Versace and Armani campaigns)

Mimi Langeland (Down To You, Shelter Island )

Michael DeLorenzo (A Few Good Men, Alive)

Tony Pierce (Dances With Wolves, The Bodyguard)

Director: Daniel Lerae



WHIPLASH is the story of a young idealistic lawyer, Brad, who is recruited and goes to work for a television advertising, personal injury law firm headed by a flamboyant con man. The firm deals in a wide variety of dubious, often outright illegal, practices in an effort to maximize quick profits. These methods include staging accidents, faking injuries, and bamboozling insurance companies. By the time Brad realizes what is going on, he finds himself knee-deep in the firm's shenanigans. In the midst of the madness, a serious injury case finds its' way to the firm, an eight year old girl, Casey, who is left comatose as a result of a car accident. Casey and her mother seem destined to be swallowed up by the legal sharks circling them. Seizing the opportunity to take the high road and distinguish himself from his firm's sleazy reputation, Brad champions the young girl's cause. Inevitably, the house of cards collapses on his scamming law firm, and Brad is left alone to win Casey's civil trial. His challenge; take on a ruthless and powerful defense firm, his old law school rival, and a corrupt legal system, all while trying his first jury trial.

All Domestic Rights Available

Cast: Ernest Borgnine (Academy Award Winner – Marty, The Poseidon Adventure, Escape From New York , The Dirty Dozen

Bradley Gregg ( Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, The Fisher King, Stand By Me)

Director: Doug Younglove



The crime thriller WHITE KNUCKLES is directed by David Cronenberg and Paul Schrader's protégé, Leo Scherman in his feature film directorial debut.

On the run from the Russian Mob, Richard Conrad is desperate for money. So he turns to his wealthy family; to his terminally ill father; to his alcoholic mother; and to his slow-witted brother, who is engaged to a woman far too sexy to be in it for anything but the money. They're going to help Richard get what he needs to survive - whether they like it or not.

All Domestic Rights Available

Cast: Philip Graeme (Murdoch Mysteries)

Rosemary Dunsmore (Total Recall)

Danielle Hampton (Ginger Snaps)

Philip Craig (Owning Mahoney)

Director: Leo Scherman



In this remake of Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn's classic, CHARADE, soon-to-be-divorced Reggie Lucas discovers her husband murdered and $18 million that her husband made from a drug deal missing. Everyone thinks Reggie knows where the money is and everyone wants it at any cost. As the body count grows, it becomes increasingly vital and grim for Reggie to separate the good from the killers. Who can she trust?

All International Rights Available

Cast: Tom Mitchelson, Polly Frame

Director / Producer: Jack Cornish



HULA GODS is the story of a guy named Ron who goes to med school, and is hell-bent on doing well in his internship, in order to get a Chief Resident spot, in order to have any shot at all at Harvard Cardiology. He meets Steve during his internship, who says he's going to help him out. Steve is constantly THIS close to being booted from his internship, as he doesn't really need to be there anyway. Then there's Jason. Jason is an ass. He's the kid in class who would cause as many problems as possible, and then blame other people for them. Actually, he does this, but he's not a little kid anymore. He's just obnoxious. He's also the front-runner for Chief Resident. He's a villain of sorts. Not THE villain, however. THE villain is Ron's desire for happiness.

Select Worldwide Rights Available

Cast: Carrie Anderson (Heathers)

Director: Rob Baker



SENSITIVE NEW AGE KILLER is a darkly comedic look at a loving husband, caring father, and good friend who also happens to be a contract killer. The tension rises as his personal and professional life come too close together and he'll have to shoot his way out. Starring Paul Moder (Bullet In The Ass), Kevin Hopkins (Trail Of Passion), Frank Bren (Trail Of Passion), and Helen Hopkins (Fishnet). Directed by Australian filmmaker Mark Savage.

Worldwide Rights Available Excluding Australia , New Zealand , Russia , and Indonesia

Director: Mark Savage (Trail Of Passion)



EVEN TRADE is the story of Geno Deleno and Squeeze, two lifelong friends that grew up on the cold ruthless streets of Chicago . They hustled the streets, brought in business, and built the Deleno crime family's name and fortune. Geno later decides that he wants out and changes his trade from crime to corporate trying to make the Deleno name legit. So, Geno leaves the old family business in Squeeze's hands. However, Squeeze was planning on being a part of Deleno's successful enterprise in the corporate world and he is enraged when Geno refuses to help him to get out of the streets. Squeeze feeling betrayed, conspires to kidnap Geno's younger brother and hold him ransom for an even trade.

All Domestic Television Rights Available

Cast: David Newman (Barbershop 2)

Director: Michael Merrill



BLIND is an innovative genre busting film about a detective and his victim/lover on a quest to hunt down a serial killer before he claims his next victim. As the duo delve deeper into the seedy depths of the serial killer, they find that each of them are forever changed by the horror that lies beneath and discover that it exists in the heart of everyman. The film boldly explores man's compulsion towards voyeurism and childhood demons.

Worldwide Rights Available Excluding U.S. Home Video

Directors: Jeff Wedding

Steve Wedding



The erotic horror thriller Night Creep, has all the elements to become a run-away hit. It has a slick look, sexy exotic dancers, laugh-out-loud humor, edge of your seat thrills, and scary scenes of suspense that rival the work of Alfred Hitchcock and David Fincher. Night Creep includes an amazing original soundtrack composed by Karl Preusser (Batman and Robin), as well as slammin' dance tracks by Gabe Heredia and additional music by Sophia Morizet (An American Reunion, Cold Fusion)

Take a journey into a nightmarish world of sex, drugs, and intimate intrusion. When Cindy Cinnamon, a dazzling exotic dancer, takes a new designer drug, her life starts spinning into a whirlwind of fright. Fueled by insecurities and made paranoid by her strange new landlord, Cindy struggles to maintain her sanity as her grasp on reality weakens and we are taken with her on a wild ride into her own personal nightmare. The horror continues when it is revealed that someone is sneaking into her room every night. Has her horrible recurring nightmare become real, or is it a delusion caused by her newest drug experimentation? When Detective Howard enters the picture to investigate, an unexpected shocking climax unfolds.

All Domestic Rights Available

Cast: Christine Sparks (Rules of Engagement)

Don Calfa (Return of the Living Dead, The Progeny, Bugsy, The Man Who Wasn't There),

Patty Scanlon (Magnolia, Man in the Moon, Dance with Me)

Paula Shaw (Freddy Vs. Jason, Insomnia, Lake Placid , Reindeer Games)

Greg Travis (Starship Troopers, Lost Highway, Showgirls).

Writer/Director/Producer: Greg Travis



The documentary A Player To Be Named Later tells the inspiring story of four minor league players through the course of one season with the Indianapolis Indians, the Triple-A affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers. The film opens with the Indianapolis Indians winning the Triple-A World Series the previous year. Intercut with shots of the team celebrating is commentary from Greg Riddoch, the Milwaukee Brewers Director of Minor League Operations. He defines the relationship between a major league team and its minor league affiliates, and sets up the goal of every minor league player: Getting to the Majors. Each of their stories unfold as the season begins, and deepen as we meet their wives who help to express the emotional dedication and sacrifice it takes for these men to chase their dreams.

The story picks up five months later with the Brewers minor league spring training camp in Arizona . Here we meet each of our four main characters: BRAD TYLER – a 32-year old veteran who has never made it to the majors; MICAH FRANKLIN – once a highly-sought prospect who has spent the last two years playing baseball in Japan; KYLE PETERSON – pitcher and former first-round draft pick who missed nearly all of the previous season following shoulder surgery; and MARCO SCUTARO – a young Venezuelan player who dreams of getting to the majors.

Worldwide Excluding U.S. Home Video & Ancillary Rights Available

Director / Producer: Bart Stephens



The M.O. of M.I. “The Modus Operandi of Male Intimacy,” is a suspense thriller with enough twists and turns to make your head spin! Michael and Tom are a happy couple until Jonathan enters their lives. Jonathan, a ruggedly handsome hustler is in hiding and needs a place to stay for a while. He also has a past with Michael, which makes Tom jealous and causes tension between the couple. But it soon becomes clear that there's more going on here than we're initially led to believe. A dangerous game of double-crossing, blackmail and murder unfolds revealing that you can't always tell whom to trust. Who's conning who? Blackmail never looked so good…

Worldwide Rights Available Excluding U.S. Home Video

Cast: David Christopher (Spy Kids)

David Stokey (Flesh and Bone, The Stars Fell on


Director: Susan Turley

Producer: Susan Turley, Lane West, Cynthia Rush

Executive Producer: Aaron Brown



Follow this action-packed, psychological mind-bender, in the vein of American Psycho and Copy Cat, as it takes you out of the darkness to reveal “a cold look into the mind of a serial killer that features a unique twist.” – Bruce Haring (DIY Festival Director). Meet Aric Blue (Rick Ganz). A young, handsome, and successful sociopath. A respectable businessman by day, a serial killer by night. Aric has a penchant for murder and follows his own set of rules. No patterns to his killings, no one is safe. Aric plans his killings by studying others lives to decide the easiest way to kill them. He is a relentless, scheming, killing machine. But when one of his victims ends up dead with a note proclaiming “I've got your pattern,” Aric realizes that he is being stalked by a serial killer every bit his equal. A deadly game of cat and mouse ensues as the two serial killers battle to prove who's best at hunting humans. In a war between two serial killers, only one can remain the hunter.

All Domestic Television Rights Available

Cast: Rick Ganz (Life 101, The Boys)

Lisa Michele (Enemy of the State, The Replacements)

Frank Cooper (Root Canal, Choke, Meeting Mr.


Writer / Director / Producer: Kevin Kangas



The 101-minute video tape, slated by the FBI as VIDEO X was entered into Evidence in the United States v. Stanton/Foote. Obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, Video X is raw, footage recovered from Dwayne Foote's camera and documents the five state crime spree of Dwayne Foote, his underage girlfriend, Darla Jean Stanton, and con-man / drifter, Billy Epp. This “reality-thriller” is Bonnie & Clyde meets Blair Witch. Included with the film are two websites and a 30-minute documentary that create a controversial back-story perpetuating the concept that VIDEO X is REAL.

All International Rights Available



When molecular biologist Michael Dorn is accidentally infected with a new virus he is developing, his life takes a dramatic turn. The virus, which he initially believed was being engineered as a cure for HIV, harbors something more sinister, turning its victims into a new breed of unique vampires. Now a threat to the very organization for which he worked Michael is on the run, a tortured soul living off the streets as he battles to come to terms with his violent new existence as a blood lusting predator. With relentless bounty hunter, Lance, and informant vampire Gage in pursuit, Michael, now knows the true heinous nature of the virus and must decide the fate of the world. His options: destroy al knowledge of the virus and the people behind it, or succumb to the power and delights of this dark and evil way. Follow this action packed, modern gothic fable, as we take you out of the darkness to reveal a virus so potent that it could change the evolution of mankind, a virus that is believed to be existing among us today…RVK-17.

All Domestic Television Rights Available

Writer/ Director/Producer: David Allen, Kel Dolen (Time to Die)



In a futuristic world obsessed with peace, the children of the leaders of all the nations attend the same summer camp, a place called Betaville. An army surrounds them, nothing is too good for these privileged young people. But nothing can protect them from the dot people of Planet Z, a group of aliens with their own set of problems. The dots – floating holographic transmissions – invade earth, and one of them, the rebel of Planet Z, has a mission for Betaville. This causes quite a problem for the romantic intrigues that are occurring down in Betaville as well as for the rest of the Earth!

All Domestic Television Rights Available

Cast: Judge Reinhold (Stripes, Fast Times At Ridgemont High,

Gremlins, Beverly Hills Cop I, II, III, Ruthless People,

Vice Versa)

John Aston (The Addams Family, Freaky Friday, National

Lampoons European Vacation, Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes,

The Frightners)

Lou Rawls (Leaving Las Vegas , Blues Brothers 2000,

The Rugrats Movie, Bel Air)

Writer/ Director/Producer: Tom Small



The Devil's Double is the story of the man who was forced to be the double of Saddam Hussein's sadistic son. The script is written by Michael Thomas , known for “Scandal” (Michael Caton-Jones), “Backbeat” (Iain Softley), The Hunger (Tony Scott), “B. Monkey” (Michael Radford) etc. The film is a psychological stand-off / action thriller . Several A List directors have read the script and would like to direct the project under negotiation.

The film is based on the life story of Latif Yahia and his best-selling novels THE DEVIL'S DOUBLE and I WAS SADDAM'S SON. Over one million copies of these books have been sold worldwide.

The 10 million Euro (US$13 million) production budget is being financing by The Foreign Media Group, an entertainment conglomerate that owns two record companies, three DVD distributors and two publishing houses. Annual turn-over is over 100 million dollar, employing 120 people in the Benelux, Germany and Scandinavia . The Foreign Media Group is aggressively expanding into feature film production, finance and distribution and just financed two other films with our client. The company founder Arjen Terpstra started out as a cameraman 25 years ago, and is particularly passionate about THE DEVIL'S DOUBLE. Through his personal holding "The Foreign Film Company" (which still owns 50 % of the Foreign Media Group) Mr. Terpstra is an executive producer on THE DEVIL'S DOUBLE. More information about The Foreign Media Group can be found on their website, www.foreignmediagroup.com .

Producer Emjay Rechsteiner has produced and co-produced 14 international films including the Best European Film at the 2003 Hollywood Film Festival and several films selected for Cannes and Venice .



A Dark and Winding comedy about a mother's sacrifice, a father's redemption and a daughter's journey for revenge. The story is about Jamie Jo Hart, who finds herself just released from jail and faces a life that is deteriorating before her eyes. Her son is about to enter foster care, her mother wants her to move out and her boyfriend who is the father of her son has become involved with someone else. The small town Tontitown , Arkansas girl takes a journey across the country to try to make sense of it all and to find a glimpse of hope by reuniting with her father since she has not seen since she was two years old. Bruce Dern, ( “Monster”, “The Haunting”, “The Great Gatsby” and “Wild Angels”). Laura Dern , ( “Blue Velvet”, “Wild at Heart” and “Rambling Rose”). Diane Ladd, ( “Chinatown” , “ Alice doesn't live here anymore” and “Wild at Heart”)



Hans Lindor's haunting tale about the life of Carter, a promising immigrant musician who has been taught to believe in the American dream. Carter's dream is to one day become a member of the New York Symphony Orchestra and his only obstacle is the color of his skin. Passed over and ostracized because he was born a Negro, Carter struggles with his identity and often blames himself for the injustices that he suffers along the way . Vanessa L. Williams (“Soul Food,” “Dance with Me,” “Shaft”), Giancarlo Esposito (“Do the Right Thing,” “Ali,” “Ray,” “Last Holiday”) and Olek Krupa (“Behind Enemy Lines,” “Home Alone 3,” “The Italian Job”) have accepted offers for the lead roles. Macaulay Culkin is in negotiations as well.



Jason Loomis's romantic comedy about a naïve and financially desperate law student who may not graduate because his condescending dean denies his request to pay his last semester's tuition one day late. The school janitor convinces the student to slip and fall in order to sue the school but the law student finds himself in an unexpected bind because the dean was a personal injury lawyer and seemingly knows the ropes. The student's new love interest must defend him.



The Inspiring story of Champagne Tony Lema, one of golf's most dynamic and successful figures whose extraordinary life was cut short at 32 years old when his private jet went down on a golf course. The film is written and to be directed by Clark Brigham (“Water Under The Bridge”). Key production leads include Academy nominated editor Tariq Anwar (“American Beauty,” “The Good Shepard.”)



DO OR DIE is an action sports movie that integrates multiple storylines amid the hoopla of a small college's attempt to make a Cinderella like March-Madness run through the NCAA basketball tournament. GRAHAM GRANGER was once a star at Chicago Southern before an on-court humiliation drove him from the game. Now the down ‘n out Chicago cop is forced to return to his alma mater to investigate allegations of point shaving and improprieties. He must confront his fractured past to save himself, a family in crisis, and the very integrity of the once-beloved game that has since betrayed him.

The current Buffalo basketball team is led by a pair of brothers; Andre Royal is a senior carrying a load of emotional baggage down a dead-end road, Winston Royal is a can't-miss superstar with a brilliant pro career ahead. The story's currently set mostly in Chicago, and various others cities in the great Midwest although the locale can change to meet various tax and subsidiary requirements. It's best described as a modern day, college basketball cautionary tale, reminiscent of HOOSIERS.



FIRE BAY follows the political & military power plays leading up to a shattering battle – the Bay of Pigs. The story moves between the planning in Washington (John Kennedy's White House & the CIA Headquarters), to the recruitment of a secret army (the streets of Miami), to this Brigade's ferocious, heroic combat actions on the bloody beaches of Cuba.

Colonel Hale is ordered by the CIA's shining star, Bissell, to Miami to recruit a fighting force to overthrow Fidel Castro. Needing a Field Surgeon most of all, Hale agrees to Ortega's demand that his estranged son, Raffi, be his Second. But Raffi blames Ortega killing his mother and hates his father. Over the course of their training, Hale, Ortega, Raffi and the other Recruits become galvanized.

When their freighter is sunk in the Bay of Pigs, and Kennedy reneges on his promise of air cover, our characters engage in firefights with Castro's aircraft, PT Boats and the massive Militia force that is hunting our heroes down. Only a handful of the men Hale recruited survive, due to the selfless actions of Ortega whose last words to his son are “Give your child something you never had. A father.”

FIRE BAY is at once a geo-political thriller, a blistering action and a life-affirming tribute to the humanity and bravery of those who put their lives on the battle lines for freedom.

Randall Fried is set to direct; veteran casting director Michael Fenton is on board; offers pending to A-level cast; and Rowland Perkins , CAA Founder, is executive producer.



A behind the scenes expedition that takes you inside the world of pit trading--a world so exhilarating, manic and addictive that it actually makes Wall Street look tame. For the adrenaline junkies that sweat it out in the pits, fortunes can be made in a matter of minutes--or lost just as quickly. With the stakes so high, tensions run even higher and lead to every vice imaginable, keeping our characters on a precarious edge that's as unpredictable as the market itself. We follow our cast of fearless traders and brokers from the trading pits where they literally fight for trades, to the frat-like upper office where the pranks, girls and games bring uncensored hilarity, to their nights on the town where they troll the city's hot spots like Roman Senators, leaving a trail of money in their wake. Created by a savvy veteran of the pit wars, The Exchange is gritty, poignant, and real, giving the viewer an unprecedented look behind the curtain of an almost mythical world that is truly stranger than fiction. Are you ready to become a member of The Exchange?


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  • May 18 , 2007 - CANNES 2007 - PRESS RELEASE
    Tulchin Wraps Principal Photography on Chatham Starring Carradine, Dern, Torn, And Hemilgway;Sells Cinamavault Intl. Rights
  • May 18 , 2007 - CANNES 2007 - PRESS RELEASE
    Tulchin Wraps Principal Photography on Chatham Starring Carradine, Dern, Torn, And Hemilgway;Sells Cinamavault Intl. Rights